David Dolphin Worksheets for Preschool

Parents want their nannies to encourage learning with their children. Nannies should encourage leaning in everyday activities. But worksheets do play an important part of preparing children for school as well.

David Dolphin Worksheets for Pre-School are created by a pre-school teacher and are great for parents and nannies to help ensure school readiness.

School-aged students I have cared for have had tutors from David Dolphin Tutors and they were excellent. I found some wonderful printable Preschool Worksheets from their web site which are great to use with preschoolers.

These David Dolphin Worksheets are presented in a format that is fun and informative and cover all the basic skills a child needs for school-readiness.

Each David Dolphin Workbook has been developed for a specific age-group, with exercises that are manageable, but challenging enough to stimulate the child.

Worksheets for 3-year-olds introduces the concepts of literacy and numeracy. This workbook introduces the child to the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors with fun-filled worksheets that develop the basic skills they will build on for school. Printable worksheets for 3-year-olds are supplied in PDF format.

Worksheets for 4-year-olds introduces writing, builds on the basic knowledge of counting, numbers, the alphabet, writing, and drawing, providing the child with the foundation they need throughout their schooling. Printable activities for 4-year-olds are supplied as PDF files that are downloaded and saved on your computer.

The worksheets for 5- to 6-year-olds teach addition, subtraction, reading, and writing skills. Practice is varied so that the child not only learns, but grasps the concepts behind the learning. The preschool workbooks are supplied in .pdf format that are printable and downloaded.

The activities present the same learning concepts in different ways to promote understanding and improve memory. The preschool worksheets are available in USA english and UK english.

If you are not completely satisfied with the David Dolphin Workbooks within 60 days, you will be refunded no questions asked and you get to keep all the books plus all the bonuses.

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