“Moms are Like Buttons, They Hold Everything Together” Mother’s Day Card

I love that my 7-year-old nanny kid found this phrase to use her craft buttons with to make her mother this cute Mother’s Day card. Allow your Nanny Kids to make any design they want with buttons while using this phrase. This is how my little one I care for made flowers out of buttons for this Mother’s Day Card.

You Will Need:

Craft Buttons
Cardstock Paper
White Glue
Paint Brushes
Paper Cup or Disposable Cup
Sharpie Markers

What to Do:

1. Fold card stock paper in half.

2. Allow the child to lay out the buttons on the paper to decide how to arrange them into flowers.

3. Pour some white glue into a paper or disposable cup. Have the child use a paintbrush to dip into the glue.

4. Have the child pick up a button one at a time and paint glue on the bottom of the button and return it to the paper.

5. Once all of the buttons are dry draw stems and the words ” Moms are Like Buttons, They Hold Everything Together!”

You can click the links above or visit my storefront art essentials by clicking here to purchase rhe supplies needed for this project.

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