Make Collages with “Perfect Square” by Michael Hall

Perfect Square is a square book about a square that undergoes many changes of shape and of color. The square starts out as a red, four cornered shape. However, in the pages it is cut into tiny pieces, ripped into strips, and painted a variety of colors. With each new challenge from the unseen force, the square creates something new and beautiful.

Use Perfect Square to teach colors, shapes, art, math, writing, and adapting.

Read Perfect Square with your Nanny Kids to help inspire them to think outside of the box especially when creating art or design.

My Nanny Kids loved recreating the shapes in the book and making up their own shapes as well. In the photos above and below show the collages my Nanny Kids made on the left next to the pages of the book that inspired the collages on the right.

You Will Need:

Red, Blue, Yellow, and Purple Paper
Safety Scissors
Hole Punch

What to Do:

Provide your nanny kids with a red square piece of paper, scissors, paste, and markers to encourage them to change the square and see what they come up with. Or try to recreate the images on the pages of Perfect Square.

You can purchase your own copy of Perfect Square by clicking the title in this review or by visiting my storefront by clicking here.

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