Sewing Paper Plate Snowflakes

My 8-year-old Nanny Kid constantly asks me to find her lacing projects to do. I found this lacing snowflake activity on the iheartcraftythings web site for beginner sewers. I love how creative Caroline from the web site was by finding this design on a paper plate at Target and thought to make into a sewing project.

This is a fun activity that has been keeping the child in my care busy for hours as she tries different color combinations. This lacing project requires patience. It is too challenging for kindergarten and preschoolers. But for older children that love lacing and sewing this will keep them busy as they find new color patterns to use.

It’s safe if you use a plastic or a steel yarn needle that doesn’t have sharp tips like other sewing needles.

Don’t forget to read children’s books about snow when making this craft such as, “All the a little Snowflakes,” “The Story of Snow,” “Curious About Snow,” “Snowflakes Fall,”The Snowy Day,” and “Charlie and Lola: Snow is My Favorite and My Best.”

You Will Need:

Snowflake Pattern
Push Pins
Paper Plates
Steel Yarn Needles
Colored Yarn
Safety Scissors
Card Board

What to Do:

1. Protect the work surface with cardboard so the children won’t scratch the work surface.

2. Using a straight edge draw a simple snowflake design on a paper plate or Google “Stick Snowflake Template” and print out the template and place on the paper plate.

3. On the surface protected with cardboard, use push pins to poke holes in all the end points and intersecting points of the snowflake on your paper plate. To save time, I poked the holes in 3 paper plates at a time.

4. Thread a long piece of yarn one through the needle. Tie a knot at the base of the needle. Then tie a double knot at the end of the yarn.

5. Thread the needle and yarn through the center hole of the plate. Follow the holes poked on the plate to follow the snowflake pattern. The children will need to go through some of the holes a few times to complete the pattern.

6. When finished sewing, trim off any excess yarn and tape the end of the yarn onto the paper plate.

You can purchase most of the supplies needed for this project by clicking the links above or by visiting my storefront by clicking here.

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