“Those Shoes” by Maribeth Bolts

My 7-year old, 8-year-old, and 9-year-old nanny kids and I absolutely love the book Those Shoes by Maribeth Bolts. Although there are some important morals taught in Those Shoes, the book isn’t too preachy.

The main character in Those Shoes, is a boy named Jeremy who lives with his grandmother. At school all the other students are getting new black with white striped sneakers. Jeremy wants to fit in and have those same sneakers especially when all but one student teases Jermey because of the sneakers he is wearing.

His grandmother buys Jeremy new winter boots but she cannot afford to also buy the expensive sneakers Jeremy wants.

His principal gets him a pair of used, donated sneakers that embarrass Jeremy to wear. Jeremy even buys a pair of the sneakers from a thrift store with his own money — but they are too small. He finally gives the pair of sneakers he bought to another boy in class who has ripped sneakers.

I highly recommend Those Shoes because it is a great story about the pain of being teased, learning the difference between needs versus wants, peer pressure, and finally kindness and empathy.

You can purchase your own copy of this book by clicking the title above or by visiting my storefront by clicking here.

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