Holiday Cards Made with Baby Safe Ink Pads

I used Baby’s Touch Baby Safe Ink Pads and ReignDrop Ink Pads to make these thumbprint holiday string lights Christmas cards.

I love the Baby’s Touch Ink Pads and ReignDrop Ink Pads. They are non-toxic, acid free, and easy to clean up. They are baby safe inks to create keepsake imprints of a baby’s hands and feet. Use them to stamp on scrapbook pages, announcements, invitations, holiday cards, and track baby’s growth month after month.

You Will Need:

Baby’s Touch Ink Pads and ReignDrop Ink Pads
Solid Color Card Stock Paper
Sharpie Fine Point Markers

What to Do:

1. Fold card stock paper in half to make a card.

2. Starting with the lightest color, have the child dip their pointer finger or thumb in a color ink pad and push it on the paper. Once the child is done with the light colors let them put their fingers in darker color ink pads. Let the kids place their colored fingerprints in patterns or have the kids do it randomly.

3. Use a Sharpie Black Marker to draw a dot or square at bottom of each thumbprint or fingerprint.

4. Draw a black line to resemble a string between the thumbprints to look like a holiday string of lights.

5. Write your holiday message on the cover or inside of the card.

You can buy the supplies needed for this this project by clicking the links above or my visiting my storefront by clicking here.

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