Handmade Button Christmas Cards

Children love making and giving holiday cards. Their friends and family love receiving the handmade tokens of love as well. I helped a seven-year-old I care for make Christmas cards using buttons this year. We made Christmas tree shapes but you can make snowmen, candy canes, or any holiday shape the child wants to create.

You Will Need:

Solid Color Card Stock Paper
Craft Buttons
White Glue
Safety Scissors
Paper Cutter

What to Do:

1. Fold card stock paper in half to make a card. You may want to trim the paper with a Paper Cutter if the card is too large.

2. Lay out craft buttons on the cover of the card into holiday shapes. Paste the buttons onto the card and allow to dry. We used a colored pencil to draw a trunk on the tree.

3. Paste a white square to the inside of the card and allow to dry before writing a message in the card.

4. Place the card in the envelope. Address the envelope.

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