Telescopic Stool

I just made my favorite purchase the year. I am a short nanny with a bad knee. I use this Telescopic Stool as both a step stool to reach high cabinets at work and as a stool to sit at the bus stop, sports practice, or in a playroom with kids where there are no chairs.

The lightweight Telescopic Stool really is a portable seat revolution. It has a shoulder strap built in to the stool. The strap also allows you to tie the chair to your backpack if you are a tourist or traveling.

The Telescopic Stool is easy to pack and store you can create a place to sit just about anywhere such as bus stop, sports practice and games, theme parks, camping and hiking, and playrooms.

I highly recommend the portable, lightweight Telescopic Stool for short nannies or those thay need to sit at sporting events or bus stops. You can purchase the stool by clicking the links in this review.

Don’t forget to visit my storefront to purchase all my essential nanny products by clicking here.

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