Thanksgiving Maracas

Make some music with these colorful maracas crafted from recycled toilet paper rolls. Allow the children you care for decorate their maracas with typical Thanksgiving autumn colors and decorations. This project is a great sensory activity for young children.

You Will Need:

Toilet paper rolls
Duct tape
Construction paper in autumn colors
Rice or small beads
Glue gun
Decorations like sequins or craft feathers

What to Do:

1. Cover the end of one toilet paper roll with duct tape.

2. Fill the toilet paper roll halfway with rice or small beads. This part of the craft is a great sensory activity for little hands.

3. After the rice is inside the roll, cover the other end of the roll with duct tape.

4. Once the maraca is sealed, make a sleeve for it from another toilet paper roll so you can paint it. Slit another roll all the way down one side and wrap it around the rice-filled maraca. Or cut construction paper to decorate the maraca.

5. Glue the outer cardboard roll or paper around the maraca.

6. Allow the children to decorate the maraca.


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