Twirling Hanging Leaves

img_6197Creative Wednesdays

Autumn is my favorite season. I have so many Autumn leaf projects on my blog. Click here to see some of my favorite leaf projects. This year I wanted to try something new so my Nanny Kid and I made this pretty project that allows the leaves to twirl. We cut out paper leaves rather than using real leaves because previously I have found bugs on real leaves my Nanny Kid and I brought into the home.

You Will Need:

Paper Plate
Brown Paint or Markers
Construction Paper in Fall Colors
Leaf Templates
Thread and Needle

What to Do:

1. Use brown paint or a brown marker to color both sides of a paper plate.

2. Print out templates of leaves. Trace the leaves onto autumn colored construction paper and cut them out.

3. Cut the paper plate with scissors in a spiral manner towards the middle.
You can use a pencil and draw where you want the kids to cut the plate with safety scissors too.

4. Use a needle and thread to attach the paper leaves to different parts of the paper plate.

5. Attach thread to the top of the paper plate to hang in a window or location with a slight breeze to see the leaves twirl.

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