“The Ugly Duckling” and Swan Craft

Weekly Trip to the Library

The Ugly Duckling is an infamous story by Hans Christian Anderson whose fairytales have become loved around the world, including The Little Match Girl and The Little Mermaid.

Born different, The Ugly Duckling is mocked by his siblings, rejected by other ducks, and even shunned by his own mother. The sad little bird leaves home, starting a journey where he is jeered at and hunted as he struggles to survive on his own — only to discover that the identity he longed for was within him all along.

After reading The Ugly Duckling to your Nanny Kids help them make an easy paper plate swan.

You can click the links in this article or visit my storefront to purchase the book or supplies needed for the project.

You Will Need:

White Paper Plate
Orange Paper
Kids Scissors
Googly Eyes

What to Do:

1. Cut a straight line from middle side of the plate until the cut reaches the textured part of plate.

2. Cut a half circle following the textured edge around the plate until you have a half circle, (see photo as reference). Keep the half circle to use as the wing.

3. Cut bout an inch off of the edge of the plate to resemble the neck of the swan. Round the edge of the rim to resemble a head, (see the photo as reference). Glue a googly eye to the head of the swan.

4. Cut a triangle out of the orange paper and glue it to the back of the head for the beak.

5. Use the extra piece of paper plate and shape like a wing and cut slits in it to resemble feathers. Glue the wing to the body of the swan.


Craft idea from craftymorning.com

How to Be the Best Nanny Storefront

The Ugly Duckling

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