Do Not Complain About Your Nanny Family or Post Photos of Nanny Family or their Home Online

Asking for general advice about child care, child development, contract negotiations, and general nanny job issues on Facebook nanny groups or social media can be very helpful. But be careful about venting or complaining about the people you work or care for anywhere online. You may know a few people in social media groups, but there are literally hundred and thousands more members that are strangers that you don’t know.

Employees in every career field lose jobs when they complain about their work day on social media. But when nannies complain about their Nanny Family they are disrespecting their employer’s privacy, their children, their home, and their personal lives. Domestic workers have lost jobs due to screen shots of texts between employees and their employers that disrespect the parents privacy as well. Nannies have lost jobs for personal photos of themselves they have posted online as well.

I strongly recommend domestic workers don’t post negative issues about their jobs anywhere online. When looking for support about their jobs, contract negotiations, or child development nannies should keep their questions and comments very general in nature.

Protect your nanny job by not posting the following on social media:

• Don’t post issues you have with your job or complaints about your boss
• Don’t post photos of your Nanny Kids without permission
• Don’t post screen shots between your employer and yourself
• Don’t post photos of your employers home online
• Don’t post the children’s names, their ages, their parents’ names, address, or contact information
• Don’t post seductive photos or images of partying which may turn off potential employers
• Don’t post extreme views on race, religion, or politics
• Don’t post financial information such as how much money you make online
• Don’t post when your employers are leaving on a vacation
• Don’t post your daily schedule or employer’s schedule on social media

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