Raising Antiracist Kids by Nicole C. Lee

Weekly Trip to the Library

Racism is a difficult topic to discuss with children. But if we avoid the topic of racism (or any difficult topic) with children because we are worried about saying the wrong thing, the children will “fill in the blanks” for themselves. Raising Antiracist Kids by Nicole C. Lee is written specifically for those who struggle with what to say and how to say it. Raising Antiracist Kids guides readers through educating children as they personally work toward being antiracist. Raising Antiracist Kids is a quick read that shows what research has to say about not talking to our kids about race. The author explains the reasons parents and other caregivers avoid these conversations. Then, Raising Antiracist Kids helps readers begin to change the cycle of avoidance with the kids in their lives. The author discusses the ways children make sense of difference over developmental stages. In doing that, she equips her readers with an understanding that these essential conversations begin very basically and become more nuanced and complex as our children age. As with any important topic, children need and deserve our support in understanding how to be anti-racist. They need to hear it and see it modeled in our lives. I highly recommend every parent and caregiver pick up Raising Antiracist Kids and take time to review the discussion questions and really evaluate not only what they are talking about, but what they are doing in their lives to embrace and model these concepts. You can purchase this book by clicking the title in this book review or by clicking here to visit my storefront.

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