Hanging Seasonal Trees

Creative Wednesdays

It is spring here in the NorthEast and the trees are changing. Discuss how the trees look different in the changing seasons with the children in your care. The bare trees of winter are currently changing to have buds in the spring, which will grow leaves and fruit in the summer. As the seasons change from summer to autumn the leaves will change from green to red, orange, yellow, and brown until they fall off and the trees are bare again in the winter. Help the kids draw the trunks of trees and let them draw the buds and leaves on the trees for each season to make this hanging seasonal tree ornament.

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You Will Need:

White, Yellow, Orange, and Green Astrobrights Paper
Glass or Round Cookie Cutter
Colored Pencils
Thread or Yarn

What to Do:

1. Trace a glass onto white, yellow, orange, and green paper. Cut out the circles.

2. Show the kids how to draw a brown tree trunk and branches on all of the circles.

3. Keep the winter tree on the white circle bare of leaves or buds. Have the kids draw just sprouting leaves and early buds on the spring tree on the green circle. They should draw full green leaves and full blooms on the summer tree on the yellow paper. Have the kids color orange, red, yellow, and brown leaves on the autumn tree on the orange circle.

4. Fold each circle in half towards the picture of the tree to glue the backs of each circle together.

5. Stick a string between the top of the four circles while gluing them together. Once dry you can hanging the spinning season of trees.

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