Easter Egg Paper Plate and Chick

Here’s a fun project to do with children as they prepare for Easter. Allow kids to decorate paper plates anyway they want to resemble an Easter egg. Then let them play with a paper chick when the pretend to open the cracked Easter egg.

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You Will Need:

2 White Paper Plates
Yellow, White, and Orange Construction Paper
Split Pin
Elmers White Glue
Crayola Markers
Bingo Daubers(optional)
Decorations like craft feathers, Google eyes, ribbons and so on (optional)

What to Do:

1. Allow the kids to decorate one paper plate like an Easter Egg with markers or Bingo Daubers.

2. Cut a zig zag though the middle of the colorful Easter Egg plate in a zig zag to look like a cracked egg.

3. Paste the bottom of the decorated Easter egg plate to the bottom of the plain white paper plate.

4. Use a split pin to attach the top of Easter Egg to the other plates so it can move up and down.

5. Cut an oblong or round shape out of yellow construction paper to make a chick. Cut 2 wings from the yellow paper too.

6. We used scissors to snip tiny cuts along edges of wings and top of the chicks head to resemble feathers. You can glue craft feathers to the wings if you prefer. Glue wings to the chick.

7. Cut a small triangle out of orange paper to make a beak and glue to face of chick.

8. Cut two small circles out of white paper to make eyes. Use a black marker to make eyeballs and glue to face of chick. Or, you can have the kids paste Google eyes to the chick.

9. Slide the chick into the egg.

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