Shamrock Lacing Cards

Saint Patrick’s Day Fun

It is Saint Patrick’s Day! We are making these shamrock lacing cards today to celebrate the Irish holiday. I used cardboard but you can use heavyweight craft paper too. Try using different sized Shamrocks for the little ones to lace as well.

You Will Need:

Cardboard Box
Shamrock Cookie Cutter or Template
Utility Knife
Hole Puncher
Green Yarn
Scotch Tape

What to Do:

1. Trace a shamrock onto the cardboard.

2. Using a utility knife cut out the shamrock from the cardboard.

3. Use a hole puncher around the cardboard shape.

4. Knot one side of yarn. Wrap Scotch Tape around the tip of the other side of yarn to keep it from fraying as the child laces the Shamrock Lacing Card.

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