Saint Patrick’s Day Sun Catchers

Creative Wednesdays

My six-year-old Nanny Kid loves using Dot Markers to decorate coffee filters. They look so beautiful. So we decided to experiment with different shapes to make some decorations for Saint Patrick’s Day. We cut out shamrock shapes from the center of paper plates and circles from the centers of other plates. We snipped out clover shapes out of the coffee filters instead of the plates for some of the decorations as well. I recommend trying to make sun catchers made from coffee filters and paper plates with your Nanny Kids as well.

You Will Need:

Coffee Filters
Paper Plates
Dot Markers
Elmers Glue
Shamrock Template or Cookie Cutters

What to Do:

1. Protect the work surface. Some kids will require Disposable Gloves for Kids if they get messy using Dot Markers.

2. Flatten coffee filters on a table. Allow the Kidd to use Dot Markers to decorate the coffee filters.

3. Trace a shamrock shape in the middle of a paper plate and cut it out. Cut out the center of another paper plate to make a frame. You can leave the paper plate frames white or allow the children to color them a solid color with the dot markers.

4. Once the coffee filters are dry use Elmers White Glue to attach the coffee filters to the back of the paper plates.

5. Once the glue is dry, hang the sun catchers in windows.

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