“How to Catch a Snowman” and Make a Paper Strip Snowman

Creative Wednesdays

This week read How to Catch a Snowman by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton to the children and make a paper chain snowman I found it at buggyandbuddy.com.

How to Catch a Snowman is a picture book that speaks from the perspective of a snowman as children try to catch him. Unlike other books in the series, a snowman isn’t really mythical, and instead, it tries to play on mythical snowmen like Frosty and Olaf.

Please click here to visit my storefront to purchase the book and supplies needed for the projects on this blog.

You Will Need:

Scissors or Paper Cutter
Glue Stick and Tape
Construction Paper or Cardstock
String for Hanging

What to Do:

1. Print the template.

2. Cut out the strips of paper.

3. Glue each of the white paper strips into a circle. Glue the three circles together to form a paper snowman body.

4. To make the hat, fold the 5 1/2 inch x 3/4 inch black strip into a partial rectangular shape as shown below. Glue it onto the 2 1/2 inch x 3/4 inch black strip to form a hat. Glue it on top of the snowman.

5. Glue each brown strip to the sides of the snowman as shown below. Cut little pieces of brown paper and glue them to the arms to make them resemble sticks.

6. Cut off about 1/2 inch of the red strip to start making the scarf. Start cutting slits along the side to make the fringe of the scarf. Glue it back onto the rest of the red strip at a bit of an angle to form a scarf. Glue (or tape) to your snowman.

7. Add a string and hang the snowman.

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