Heart Garland

img_6330Creative Wednesdays

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 as a celebration of romantic love. You can help the little ones left in your care make simple cards, write letters, or make inexpensive presents to give to their family and friends. Here is a simple decoration to make with your Nanny Kids to decorate their bedrooms or playrooms.

img_6326You Will Need:

Red Paper

What to Do:

1. Cut the paper into strips.

2. Fold a strip into half and staple the fold together.

3. Flip the ends the opposite way over the staple and then staple the ends together.

4. Then fold another strip in half. Staple at the fold. Flip the ends over the staple.

5. Thread the ends of the strip into the original heart and staple the ends together.

6. Continue this process until you have garland.

7. Hang for decoration.

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