New Year’s Eve Noise Maker

Creative Project

2020 used to be the term that meant perfect vision. Now, for many, it will be remembered as one off the toughest years of their lives. This week I’m helping my Nanny Kids get ready to ring in a new year by making crafts and hats (stop by to see how to make the hats tomorrow). Today we made noise makers using paper plates and large craft sticks.

You Will Need:

Paper Plates
Large Craft Sticks
Beans or Beads

What to Do:

1. Have the kids decorate two paper plates.

2. Glue most of the edges of paper plates together and staple them, leaving some room to add beans or beads.

3. Pour beans or beads into the pouch of paper plates then glue and staple the rest of the paper plates shut.

3. Once dry the kids have a noise maker.

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