Paper Chain Christmas Tree

Creative Wednesdays

Making paper chains is one of the easiest decorations to make with children for the Christmas season. I found this paper chain Christmas tree craft on the internet at You can help the kids tape or staple paper strips around one another in the form of a paper chain Christmas tree. I included instructions below but the easiest way to see how to make the tree is to simply look at the photo to see to arrange the strips of paper.

You Will Need:

19 1-inch x 8-inch Green Strips of Paper
5 1-inch x 8-inch Red Strips of Paper
1 1-inch x 8-inch Strip of Paper
Scotch Tape and/or Stapler

What to Do:

1. Start by making a yellow paper circle by stapling or taping the ends of the paper together to make a circle.

2. Make the second row of the tree by putting two green strips of paper through the yellow circle to make green circles.

3. Make the third row with three paper chains. Put once circle through one off each circle on the second row and one in the middle of those.

4. To make the fourth row, hang two circles from the the third row.

5. The fifth row has five paper chains, one through each of the fourth row and two each in the middle.

6. For the sixth row, hang two circles off each of the the chains from row five.

7. The next row has 3 chains for the trunk of the tree. Hang two sideways off of the middle four chains from row six and one in the middle of those.

Photo by Stephanie Felzenberg

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