Pizza Counting Puzzle

img_6337Creative Wednesdays

Children love pizza so why not let kids practice counting with this super easy counting puzzle. Have children help you paint and cut the paper plates if they are old enough. It’s also fun for older siblings to help make this pizza counting puzzle for their younger sisters or brothers.

You Will Need:

2 Paper Plates
Tempera Paint
Paint Brushes Markers

img_6338What to Do:

1. Protect the work surface.

2. Paint the plates to look like cheese pizza. We used yellow, orange, and brown paint.

3. Once the paint is dry use a marker to separate one plate onto 8 equal triangular sections. Then number each section with the numerals 1 through 8.

4. Cut the other plate into 8 equal triangular sections. Use a red marker to draw red circles to represent pepperoni on each section. Put one circle on the first triangle then increase with one more piece of pepperoni on each pizza slice until you reach the number 8 circles on a slice.

5. Have the kids count the numbers of pepperoni on each slice of pizza and put it on the proper number on the other paper plate pizza.

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