Hot Glue Rubbings

img_6136Creative Wednesdays

Use this activity to hide lower case and upper case letters or messages on pieces of construction paper with a hot glue gun. Have the kids put a piece of paper over the hot glue messages and rub them just as they would when making leaf rubbings to uncover their message. Using a hot glue gun can be dangerous so only allow the nanny or a teen use the glue gun to make the messages.

You Will Need:

Hot Glue Gun
Construction Paper
White Paper

img_6139What to Do:

1. Protect your work surface.

2. Use a hot glue to write a message on construction paper. Then use the glue gun to make squiggles and lines around the letters to hide them.

3. Once dry and cool, place a piece of white printer paper on top of the construction paper and have the kids rub a crayon over the white paper to discover the message or count how many hidden letters they can find.

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