Halloween Bingo

If you have a printer at work or at home you can print this adorable Halloween Bingo Game to play with your Nanny Kids. Make this a fun afternoon project by printing out the black and white Bingo boards and allow your Nanny Kids to color their Bingo board themselves. If you laminate the Bingo boards you can use them over and over again.

You Will Need:

Laminator and Laminating Film
Bingo Chips, Bingo Daubers, or Candy Corn

What to Do:

1. Print the colored or black and white bingo mats on cardstock and laminate for durability. Print the black and white set to let the kids color their Bingo boards themselves.

2. Cut out the bingo mats and calling cards with scissors.

3. Give one bingo mat to each child in your small group.

4. Kids can use bingo chips or candy corn to mark spaces on the colored mats and crayons or bingo daubers on the black and white mats.

5. The nanny picks a card from the stack of calling cards and tell the children what to look for on their mats. Show the picture on the card to the children if necessary. Allow the children to mark any matches on their mats with the bingo chips or similar.

6. The Candy Corn image in the middle of each mat is the free space. The first child to get one entire row covered shouts “Bingo!” OR they could should “Boo!” for a Halloween twist.

Photo by Stephanie Felzenberg

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