Printable Halloween Puppets

img_6174Creative Wednesdays

I found these hand puppet templates online to print for my Nanny Kids. There are options to print color or black and white puppets. I printed them without color so the kids could color their puppets how they choose. We printed a Frankenstein, Monster 1, Monster with Teeth, Dracula, Pumpkin, Mummy, Sugar Skull, and Skull.

img_6182You Will Need:

Card Stock Paper
Crayons, Markers, or Colored Pencils

img_6172What to Do:

1. Pick template to print from above.

2. Have the kids color in their puppets.

3. Cut out the puppets, the strips to use as handles, and teeth.

4. Fold the puppet at the lip lines or teeth. There is a video on the blog where the templates are posted on to show how to fold the puppets.

5. Glue teeth to the puppets.

6. Glue one strap to the back of the puppet’s top of head and the other strap to the back of the puppet’s lower jaw.

7. Allow glue to dry and let the kids play with their Halloween puppets.

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