“My Leaf Book” by Monica Wellington and Making Leaf Rubbings

Weekly Trip to the Library

One of the most visible indicators of autumn are falling leaves. In My Leaf Book a little girl gathers leaves. She uses the leaves to create prints and rubbings and adds them to her own leaf book.

My Leaf Book is a delightful way to encourage children to identify leaves. Interesting facts about the various trees featured in My Leaf Book are located on the bottom of the pages. There is a step-by-step guide for making lead rubbings and leaf prints at the back of the book.

The illustrations are created in bright autumn colors. Each type of leaf is depicted in color photocopies as well as other artistic methods. The trees scattered throughout have simplified leaf shapes, but the leaves themselves are re-created in detail.

After reading My Leaf Book help they kids make leaf rubbings and make their own leaf book. Below are instructions to make leaf rubbings.  My Leaf Book also shows how to help your Nanny Kids make their own leaf book.

You Will Need:

Various Leaves
Large, Heavy Book
White Paper
My Book of Leaf Rubbings Cover

What to Do:

1. Gather fall leaves and place the leaves in a heavy book leaving a few pages between each leaf.

2. Close the book and set another heavy object on top of it so that the leaves can flatten overnight.

3. The next day take leaves out of the book and place them in a collage on a plain, thin piece of white paper.

4. Take another sheet of white paper and place it over the leaves.

5. Use crayons to lightly color over each leaf, using different colors as desired.

6. Use My Leaf Book to determine which leaves you and the kids collected.

7. Print the cover for the leaf rubbing book at giftofcuriousity.com.

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