Cardboard Tube Building Blocks

img_6110Creative Wednesdays

You don’t need expensive toys to have a fun afternoon with your Nanny Kids. Collect cardboard toilet paper and paper roll tubes to use for projects with Nanny Kids. To make cardboard tube building blocks simply use a pair of scissors to cut half-inch cuts into the ends of the empty cardboard tubes. Allowing the children to decorate the cardboard tubes is fun too.

img_6105You Will Need:

Empty Cardboard Tubes
Paint, Markers, Wrapping Paper and Stickers (if kids want to decorate the tubes)

img_6102What to Do:

1. Cut the cardboard tubes into different heights.

2. Allow the kids to decorate the tubes if they want to.

3. Cut four half-inch cuts to each end of every tube.

4. Allow the kids to build houses, castles, or whatever they want with their cardboard tube building blocks.

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