2020 US Nanny Association Online Parent and Nanny Conference

Professional Development for Nannies

I am so exited to accept a scholarship to the 2020 US Nanny Association Online Parent and Nanny Conference on September 18 through September 25, 2020. The Parent and Nanny Conference will include 76 speakers on 46 seminar topics — including workshops for parents, some workshops in Spanish, and panel discussions.

I have always loved attending nanny conferences and nanny workshops in-person. I always leave nanny conferences with a renewed excitement and passion for working as a nanny. Due to the current need to remain socially distant this virtual conference is the perfect solution for nannies like myself looking for some professional development during a pandemic.

The timing of being awarded this scholarship couldn’t be better. Looking for a new job during a pandemic poses new challenges I never could have fathomed. I look forward to attending workshops that are specific to the pandemic including, “Supporting eLearning at Home” by Ashley Ganley and “Work Agreements, Taxes, Covid and More” by Rachel Lawrence.

I believe continuing education programs, like the 2020 USNA Online Parent and Nanny Conference are important for providing quality childcare.

I edited The Child Care Textbook a decade ago which explains that a high level of education and training is what differentiates a professional nanny from a long-term, full-time babysitter. The author, Anne Geissler, says nannies provide quality care by continually growing personally and professionally by attending nanny conferences and workshops, nanny training programs, and early childhood education courses and programs.

Ms. Geissler describes how important it is for nannies to provide quality care, not just custodial care. The author, defines custodial care (care that merely keeps children safe, warm, and fed) is sub-standard care that does not consistently include planned age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate social, physical, cognitive, and psychological care.

In The Child Care Textbook I learned that further education is a win-win-win scenario for nannies, parents, and children. Ms. Geissler illustrates that children benefit by blossoming in a safe and secure environment. Parents benefit from a well-educated nanny because they have peace-of-mind and pleasure as their children prosper from proper care. The nanny benefits because a highly educated nanny often is rewarded by commanding a higher wage and better benefits package.

It is in the best interest of nannies to be able to provide quality care by continually growing professionally by attending nanny training, nanny conferences, and nanny workshops. I am looking forward to attending the 2020 US Nanny Association Online Parent and Nanny Conference on September 18 through 25. I highly recommend parents and nannies attend the virtual conference as well.

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