“Roller Coaster: by Marla Frazee

Weekly Trip to the Library

I always love doing a craft project that corresponds with the book after reading it to the children. This week we read Roller Coaster and made a paper roller coaster.

Marla Frazee has illustrated many acclaimed picture books, some of which she also wrote, such as Roller Coaster.

In this story people line up to ride a roller coaster. Readers follow a little girl and her father who are the focus of the book. The little girl has never ridden on a roller coaster before. There is this subtle sense of anticipation that is also tinged with a bit of fear. As she and her father take each step forward to actually getting in the car to ride the coaster she becomes more comfortable with the idea of riding it.

The moral of the story — it’s good to try new things.

You Will Need:

1-Inch Thick Strips of Paper
Piece of Colorful Paper
Piece of Comtrasting Paper
Black Marker
Clear Tape

What to Do:

1. Cut out 1-inch thick strips from one piece of paper. Tape them together to make a long strip of roller coaster track. The child can decorate the track with lines if they choose.

2. Cut out little cars from comtrasting colored paper and decorate with a marker. We
left a little paper below the tires to fold and taoe to the traxk ao the cars could sit up on the roller coaster.

3. Have the child tape the track to a piece of paper. Try creasing the paper and taping near the crease to make a loop in the air and try making circles with the track when making the roller coaster.

4. Tape the roller coaster cars to the track.

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