Cardboard Roll Shadow Puppets

img_4574Creative Wednesdays

Making shadow puppets is a quick and easy boredom buster. Although, I have always found it a little tricky to use my hands to make shadow puppets, this is an easier way to make shadow puppets with paper silhouettes tapes to cardboard rolls.

You Will Need:

Cardboard Rolls
Safety Scissors
Clear Packing Tape
Dark Room With White Flat Wall

What to Do:

1. Google “animal silhouettes” or “shadow puppet silhouettes” and print out the tiny pictures to fit into the circle of the cardboard tubes.

2. Cut out the animal silhouettes.

3. Use wide clear packing tape to attach an animal silhouette one end of a tube. Don’t use more than one piece of tape or the air bubbles and overlap of the tape will interfere with the shadow.

4. Shine a flashlight into the tube in a dark room or closet onto a wall.


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