Cupcake Liner Flowers

bbbMother’s Day Card

Here’s a simple craft project to use as a boredom buster anytime of the year. These festive paper flowers are easy to make and inexpensive too. Kids will have fun trying to decide what centers (mini muffin liners) to pair with which petals (the large muffin liners). There really wasn’t a wrong way to design them. Use them to make Mother’s Day Cards or just to decorate a playroom or bedroom bulletin board.

You Will Need:aaa

Assorted Cupcake Liners (regular and mini sized and different colors and patterns)
Glue Stick (works better then liquid glue)
Green Construction Paper

What to Do:

1. Cut out rectangles and oval leaf shapes out of green construction paper to use as stems and leaves of the flowers. Lay the stems on a work surface.ddd

2. Pick a large cupcake liner to use as the petals of the flower. Flatten it a little, flip it over, and use a glue stick in the middle of the liner. Flip it, and attach to the stem.

3. Flip a mini muffin liner and use a glue stick to put paste all over the flat bottom of the mini cupcake liner. Then, press down the mini muffin cupcake liner into the middle of the larger muffin liner.

4. Paste leaves to the stems. Decorate stems and flowers with stickers if the kids want to.

5. Allow flowers to dry then hang them on a bulletin board or paste them to a poster board to make Mother’s Day Cards.

Photos and project by Stephanie Felzenberg

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