Inspiring Painted Rocks

Creative Wednesdays

Painted rocks are all the rage. Inspired by the kindness rock project my nanny kids and I painted rocks and left inspiring messages at their curbside for neighbors to see as they walk by their house while getting fresh air and exercise during social distancing. You don’t need to buy the kits sold by the kindness rock project. Here’s what we did:

You Will Need:

Small Rocks
Acrylic Paint
Clear Paint Sealant
Sharpie Markers

What to Do:

1. Have the kids help you pick out some rocks and pebbles.

2. Clean and dry the rocks.

3. Cover the workspace.

4. Paint the rocks.

5. When they are dry use Sharpie markers to write messages to the rocks.

6. Paint with clear paint sealant.

7. Display rocks by the curb or around plant beds for passerby’s to enjoy.

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