Paper Airplane Targets

Creative Wednesdays

If you and your nanny kids are stuck inside during the coronavirus pandemic — like most of the world — have some fun today by having paper airplane target practice.

I had the kids help me make all different kinds of paper airplanes.

Then I made a paper airplane target by cutting out holes out of cardboard. I hung the cardboard targets up in the foyer and the kids threw their paper airplanes through the holes.

Make up different games. Each child can choose one color to use just for their paper planes. Make each type of plane and see which flies the farthest or the most accurately. You can use the holes to score points. The large hole can be worth less points than if the kids can fly a plane through the smaller hole.

You Will Need:

Flat Cardboard
Scissor and Safe Utility Razor
Ribbon or String

What to Do:

1. Have the kids make paper airplanes. Click here to see the web site which shows many ways to make different types of paper airplanes.

2. Have an adult trace large circles on a piece of flat cardboard. Use a safe razor from tool kit to start cutting out the circles. Finish cutting them out with a sharp scissor.

3. Make two small holes at top of cardboard. String ribbon through the holes to hang the target.

4. Make up different games while aiming paper planes towards the holes.

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