Nannies Shine During Covid-19 School Closures

Nannies Help Kids Feel Safe and Secure During Crisis

During a crisis is when nannies shine — they show their employers they can handle stress and help the kids thrive! Professional nannies stay calm in a crisis.

Be it during a divorce, illness or death in the Nanny Family, when a child gets hurt, there is a natural disaster, or schools are closed, nannies maintain a sense of schedule and normalcy for children when things around them are stressful or in chaos.

When school districts close to sanitize or protect against the spread of the Coronavirus is the time for nannies to pull out their magic carpet bag of tricks and help the kids have a lot of learning and fun, while keeping their minds off the pandemic.

Children feel safe and secure when there is routine and structure in their lives and a nanny can bring those feelings to light by providing consistent, high-quality childcare.

School superintendents, principals, and teachers will share what students and caregivers should do to allow kids to keep learning during school closures. So far most parents of early elementary-aged students have been given handouts of fun learning activities to do with the kids during school closures, while older students may connect with their teachers on Google Meet on a set schedule and have homework to complete each day online.

Nannies should encourage learning through everyday activities like reading, cooking, playing board games, puzzles, and matching games. Also check out tons of fun learning activities and lessons plans on our blog. Just search summer learning, science projects, fun learning, learning games, and so on in our search bar.

Also, visit our Pinterest page for learning projects, creative activities, lesson plans, and recipes to make with the kids.

Fluencyansfitnessfun is offering 21-days free registration to their learning resources and Scholastic online is also offering their wonderful learning resources for free during school closures due to Covid-19.

Click here for a full list of educational web sites from

Don’t discuss the scary details of the pandemic with children. If children ask questions about the Coronavirus, parents and nannies should follow these tips I shared earlier this week about staying calm and having age-appropriate conversations about Covid-19 to help assure children that they are safe and going to be fine.

Nannies provide a sense of stability. As everything around a child is changing, a nanny can be a source of stability in a child’s life. Nannies are a safe, secure, familiar, and constant force in their lives. Children thrive when they feel safe and secure.

If schools close due to Coronavirus professional nannies should step-it-up and prove to their employers why they are the most important hire they have ever made.

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