Egg Carton Card Holder

img_2686Creative Wednesdays

My Nanny Kids and I love playing card games. But it’s difficult for little kids to hold cards in their small hands. So we recycled egg cartons to use as card holders. The children can add or remove cards without messing up the rest of the cards. Although the card holder pictured in photo works great, after trying different methods we found that whole styrofoam egg cartons work best. Put something heavy (like a rock) inside the egg carton to keep it from tipping over while adding and removing cards from the carton.

You Will Need:

Egg Carton
Rock (something heavy)
Playing Cards

What to Do:

1. Simply cut small slits into the bottom of an egg carton on egg egg holder.

2. Put something heavy inside the egg carton to keep it from tipping.

3. Put the cards into the slots while playing card games.

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