Thumbprint Fun

Creative Wednesdays

By using the kids’ thumbprints as a starting point, come up with all sorts of silly art creations with your Nanny Kids. Draw eyes, ears, whiskers, tails. spots, legs, and antennas on finger prints. Try using the kids pinky or index fingers for fingerprints of different shapes and sizes. Be creative and have fun using the creations for greeting cards, stationary, or to illustrate a story. Keep wet wipes or the sink with hand soap and paper towels close by for quick clean up.

You Will Need:

Water-based, washable ink pads
Fine-point felt-tip pen

What to Do:

1. Have the kids press their thumb on an ink pad.
2. Press their finger firmly and quickly on a piece of paper. Do not move the finger much once on the paper.
3. With a fine-point felt-tip pen, add details to the thumbprint to create an animal, a person, or a silly character.


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