Why It’s Harder for Parents of Small Kids to Land Nanny Jobs — And Why it Shouldn’t Be!

Have You Been Denied a Nanny Position Because You are a Parent of a Small Child?

Many of my nanny friends have been denied nanny jobs simply because they are mothers to small children themselves.

It is certainly hypocritical of working parents to not hire a nanny candidate simply because the job seeker has small children too. And parents who hire nannies need to tread lightly when admitting to not hiring nannies because they have little ones of their own. Labor laws in the United States don’t allow many employers to ask job applicants to even ask if they have children.

My friends who have not landed nanny jobs because they are parents themselves have been told that the potential employers worry the caregiver with kids won’t have reliable back up childcare themselves if their children get sick or have an emergency.

Often when asked if the nanny can bring their child to work when in a bind many nanny employers worry that the in-home child care provider would pay more attention to their own child, or favor their own child, over their Nanny Kid.

It’s a shame since there are many advantages to hiring a mother or father to work as a nanny. For nannies that are allowed to bring their child to work, the Nanny Kid not only has an instant friend and playmate, but a nanny that will be eternally grateful and loyal for being given the benefit to bring their child to work.

Instead, parents hiring in-home child care really should empathize with nanny applicants with minors that they can figure out their own reliable childcare, rather than holding it against them.

Excuses Parents Make for Not Hiring Nannies with Young Children of Their Own:

Not Reliable:

Nanny Families worry that the caregiver won’t be able to make it to work if their own little one gets sick or has an emergency.

Less Adult Attention for Nanny Kid:

Employers worry the nanny will split their attention between the children.

Favor Their Own Child to the Nanny Kid:

If the nanny brings their youngster to the job employers are concerned during conflicts between the children the nanny won’t be impartial.

Some Pros of Hiring Nannies that are Mothers or Fathers:

First-Hand Experience in Child Care:

Mother and fathers have first-hand experience with childhood illnesses, teething, tantrums, discipline, finicky eaters, routines, sleep training, potty training, and more.

Experience in Multi-Tasking:

Parents of small children already know how to juggle folding laundry, feeding a hungry child, while cleaning up spilled milk, all at the same time.


Mothers and fathers already know the dire consequences of leaving the house without a properly stocked diaper bag. They know the importance of keeping a well stocked baby changing area, kitchen, and home already. Parents understand the need for schedules and routines when raising children.


A working parent empathizes with other working mothers and fathers. Only another working parent truly understands the guilt, the exhaustion, and all of the major concerns of leaving their child in the care of someone else.

Appreciation and Longevity:

An in-home child care provider that is allowed to bring their child to work is likely to be happier, more appreciative, and stay at the job longer.

Although my nanny friends who have small children themselves complain that parents haven’t hired them as nannies because they have their own kids, I strongly feel parents should weigh the pros and cons of hiring parents as nannies more carefully. I think most parents applying for nanny jobs may have the exact experience that would benefit their Nanny Family’s if the potential employers would give them a chance.

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