Footprint and Handprint Turkey

Creative Thanksgiving

I have been making this simple Thanksgiving craft annually with my Nanny Kids for 25 years. Allow the children to do as many parts of the craft that they can do safely. For example, I trace their hands and feet and cut out the shapes for toddlers, but older children can do the tracing, cutting, and pasting themselves. You can buy the supplies for the project by tapping the links below or by visiting my storefront by clicking here.

You Will Need:

Autmn Colored Construction Paper
Safety Scissors
Glue Stick
Sharpie Marker

What to Do:

1. Trace the child’s shoe or their foot while they are wearing a sock on a piece of brown paper.

2. Trace the child’s hand on the autumn colored paper.

3. Cut out the foot and the hands.

4. Trace a small circle onto white paper and cut out two circles for eyes. Draw a small black circle in each white circle to look like a pupil of the eye.

5. Cut out a squiggle out of red paper to represent a waddle of the turkey.

6. Cut out a small yellow triangle to look like a beak.

7. Fan the handprints behind the footprint and paste to the back of the footprint to look like feathers.

8. Paste the eyes, waddle, and beak to the brown shoe cut out to make the face of the turkey.

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