Kalamata’s Kitchen

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Kalamata’s Kitchen is much more than just a terrific book series. Kalamata has a web site, chefs, and restaurants working with her all over the world to bring people together through food. Kalamata exposes children to different cultures, people, and food. The book, web site, and resources remind me of a children’s version of Anthony Bourdain’s infamous career.

The book, web site, and resources encourage kids not only to be adventurous and try new foods but to learn about different cultures.

Click here to see a list of family friendly eateries in cities around the world that treat children as VIPs.

Kalamata’s Kitchen

When Kalamata’s friend Chef Ilma Lopez arrives with some yummy little cakes and wonderful stories to share, Kalamata gets an idea: What if she could create such a tasty treat herself? With Chef Ilma’s memories as her guide, and the enticing smells of good food all around her, Kalamata and her Taste Buds are whisked away by her imagination to a far-off kitchen where they explore, cook, and of course-taste! This first book in the delightful Kalamata’s Kitchen series features an exciting, food-centric story and a kid-friendly recipe for Abuelita’s pound cake with meringue frosting. Whether you’re reading or baking, Kalamata’s Kitchen is fun for the whole family.

Kalamata’s Kitchen: A la Kalamata

Inspired by the aroma of fresh herbs, Kalamata wonders, is this what green smells like? She’s delighted when her friend Chef Eric Ripert and his son, Adrien, arrive and share their memories-and a recipe-from a very special garden in France. The Taste Buds quickly discover they don’t need passports to travel to fantastique places when they’re in Kalamata’s Kitchen.

Kalamata’s Orchard Adventure

Kalamata loves to taste her mama’s food as they prepare meals together, but she and her Taste Buds must be patient when baked beans are on the menu. Luckily, their friend Chef Trevett arrives with something new and delicious to distract them from the tempting aromas wafting from the kitchen. Soon, Trevett’s stories of apple picking have Kalamata and her Taste Buds escaping to a sun-filled orchard for a day of fun and flavorful adventure! Back with another tasty trip, the second book in the Kalamata series delivers more culinary crusades and family-friendly recipes.

I highly recommend all nannies and parents read the book and visit the web site and resources with children.

You can purchase any of these books by clicking any of the links above and below:

Kalamata’s Kitchen

Kalamata’s Kitchen: A la Kalamata

Kalamata’s Orchard Adventure

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