Diaper Cream Applicators: Helpful or Hype?

Product Review Sunday

This is one of those products I would never have thought was necessary until I tried it.

Getting diaper rash cream on my hands isn’t terrible. But, it’s not easy to get the thick, water proof cream off of my fingers or fingernails either. And when there isn’t a sink available when out of the house when changing diapers, using one wet wipe to clean the applicator is much easier than using half a dozen wipes to get the cream off my hands.

My favorite diaper cream applicators have a suction cup or flat bottom so they can stand without getting the paste on things. I prefer applicators made of safe silicone which doesn’t harm babies and are safe to sanitize in boiling water or clean in the dishwasher.

Don’t just take my word for it. The reviews of diaper cream applicators online are overwhelmingly great.

But, even with great reviews, are these tools really necessary when caregivers have been applying cream to baby bottoms for decades without them? What do you think? Are diaper cram applicators Helpful or Hype?

Below are my favorite diaper cream applicators. You can purchase any of them by clicking the links below:

Nuby Silicone Diaper Cream Brush with Suction Base

Nuby Diaper Cream Brush and Case

Snappi Baby Ergo Brush Diaper Cream Applicator

Baby Bum Brush, Original Diaper Rash Cream Applicator


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