Make Your Own Match-It Game

matchCreative Wednesdays

This is the easiest Match-It Game to make at home. Simply gather household items and toys from around the house. Place them on a piece of cardstock and trace them with a marker. Then have the child match the objects to the outlined objects on the paper. Older kids will enjoy making them for their younger siblings too.

You Will Need:

  • Marker
  • Colored Card Stock Paper
  • Toys and Objects

What to Do:

1. Trace objects on a piece of colorful cardstock using a marker.

2. Older children can choose the objects and you can trace their own “puzzle” pieces for their younger siblings to play.

3. Allow the child to match the objects to the outline.


The Toddler’s Busy Book: 365 Creative Games and Activities to Keep Your 1 1/2- to 3-Year-Old Busy

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