Keeping Baby Teeth as Mementos or for Stem Cells

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All children will lose their baby teeth. After the tooth fairy makes a visit to your nanny kid’s bed to leave a small gift or coins and collect the baby tooth, she can place the baby tooth in a keepsake baby tooth box. These baby tooth boxes we list today make great gifts.

A study in 2003 showed that baby teeth are a rich source of stem cells. Stem cells can be grown into multiple kinds of cells if needed. That means that if later in life, if a child needs replacement tissue, the stem cells from their baby teeth can be used to grow the tissue. But, using the stem cells from baby teeth is speculative since the technology to do so hasn’t been developed yet.

To save baby teeth as a memento we love this baby tooth box. To save a baby tooth, first clean the baby tooth with soap and water. Brush rubbing alcohol over the tooth surfaces with a cotton swab to disinfect it. Dry the tooth with a clean towel. Teeth do not deteriorate significantly over time, but cleaning them will prevent any bacteria from growing on the tooth. Place in the tooth box.

Although I have seen reviews that recommend using some of these tooth boxes to save a child’s stem cells it would make more sense to pay to use a stem cell bank to professionally store the baby teeth for the purpose of saving stem cells.

To bank stem cells parents can use services such as Bioeden and Store-a-Tooth which charge annual fees for tooth storage.

You can purchase these adorable baby tooth boxes by clicking the links below:

Tooth Box

Baby Tooth Box by NASHRIO – Wooden Kids Keepsake Organizer Gift for Baby Teeth

Kids Lost Tooth Keeper Box for Boy

Collecting Teeth Gift Umbilical Cord

Baby Tooth Album Keepsake Flapbook, Boys

Baby Tooth Organizer for Scrapbook

Save Baby Teeth Wood Storage Box

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