Leprechaun Trap

img_9236Saint Patrick’s Day Fun

Irish folklore describes leprechaun as little fairies. Legend says they keep pots of gold at the ends of rainbows. Every Saint Patrick’s Day my nanny kids and I make leprechaun traps along with thousands of kids around the world. I make a trail of leprechaun footprints out of green colored paper for my nanny kids to follow to the leprechaun trap. Then I fill the trap with Irish Treats and a note from the leprechaun reading “Better Luck Next Time!” Let the kids be creative and make traps anyway they choose.

You Will Need:

Empty Cardboard Shoe Box
Green, Black and Gold Glitter Paper

What to Do:

1. Cut a small flap on the top of a cardboard shoe box to act as a trap door to catch the leprechaun.

2. Using glue, cover the box with glitter paper. Make sure to keep the top of box easy to open so you can put treats in and out of the box. Make sure the trap door can open as well.

3. Decorate the box as you choose. My youngest nanny kid chose to cut out gold coins from glitter paper to entice the leprechaun to the trap door.

4. On Saint Patrick’s Day fill the box with Irish treats and gifts and a note from the leprechaun reading, “Better Luck Next Time!”

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