Marbleous Valentine’s Magnets and Pendants

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All of the children I have cared for love Valentine’s Day. This year we made marbled hearts pendants and magnets using red and white Model Magic™ for my nanny kid’s friends. The children enjoyed rolling the Model Magic with a rolling pin, cutting out the hearts with cookie cutters and scissors, and then sharing them with their friends.

You Will Need:

Red and White Model Magic (we used a little blue to make some purple too)
Rolling Pin
Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutters
Stick On Magnets
Ribbon for Pendants
Safety Scissors
Sharpie Marker (optional)

What to Do: img_8941

1. Using 1 part red to 4 parts white, combine the Model Magic until you have made pink.

2. Pinch a small piece of clay from each color: red, pink, and white, and knead the pieces together until the colors begin to swirl (don’t blend too much because you want the colors to stay distinct).

3. Use a rolling pin to flatten the Model Magic. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter and press into the marbled dough. If needed you can trim the edges with scissors.

4. Attach a magnet to the back to put it on the fridge. Or, use a pencil point to make a small hole near the top of the heart before it dries. Then thread some ribbon through the hole to wear it as a pendant.

5. Write the children’s friends’ names on the hearts if you want to give the hearts to the children’s friends.


Idea from
Photos by Stephanie Felzenberg

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