Turkey Math


Creative Wednesday

Using flash cards to teach my nanny kids math can get so tedious and boring. But when it comes to learning arithmetic — practicing addition, subtraction, and multiplication tables over and over again is really essential. Make learning fun with this Thanksgiving-themed math project for the kids. Adjust the math problems to the level of math the student is learning. For preschoolers, you can simply have the little ones clip the same number clothesline clips to the turkey as the number on the turkey’s body.

You Will Need:

Brown and Autumn-Colored Paper
Markers, Pencil
Two Different Circle Shapes to Trace
Goggly Eyes
Safety Scissors
Glue Stick

What to Do:

1. Trace two different sized circles on brown paper and cut out the circles with safety scissors. Also cut out colored feathers, orange or yellow triangles to be used as beaks, and a red gobblers, (see photo as guide).

2. Paste a brown small circle (head) to the larger circle (body).

3. Paste a gobbler to bottom of beak and attach to head of turkey. Paste on goggly eyes.

4. Write a number of the tummy of each turkey that will be the sum of math problems. Write the math problems on the feathers.

5. Have the kids find the feathers with the math problems that equal the sum of the turkey and paste those feathers to the body of the turkey with the proper sum.

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