Cozy Cover Portable High Chair Seat

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The Cozy Cover Portable High Chair can go with you anywhere that might not have high chairs. It has a light carrying bag that fits conveniently in your handbag or diaper bag so that you always have it with you when you are out and about with a baby 6 months or older and up to 35 pounds.

It only takes a few seconds to unpack it from the carrying bag, to setup, and then pack up again. To use simply slide it over the top of any good high quality strong chair. Tighten and click the tether strap at the back of the chair back to securely lock it in place.

It takes just seconds to get the little one safely into your Easy Seat. With just two more clicks of clips on the straps over the shoulders you will have a baby that is happy and involved as ‘part of the group’.

The five-point harness secures infants from 6 months that are supported sitters through to toddlers up to 35 lbs or 36 months. The cozy cover seat is also machine washable.

You can purchase your own cozy cover portable high chair by clicking any of the links above or below:

Cozy Cover Portable High Chair

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