Dinosaur Feet

img_7666-1Creative Wednesday

Who doesn’t like dinosaurs? Girls and boys of all ages love dinosaurs. Intense interests (like in dinosaurs) are a big confidence booster for kids. So if your nanny kids like dinosaurs encourage the passion. Make these easy dinosaur feet by saving some empty rectangle tissue boxes to use to make this project.

You Will Need:

2 Tissue Boxes
Colorful Tissue Paper
Safety Scissors
Paint Brush
Disposable Cup

What to Do:

1. Prepare by protecting the work surface and gathering supplies. Cut zigzags out of felt. Put glue in a disposable cup.

2. Let the kids rip or cut up pieces of colorful tissue paper. Allow them to decorate the tissue boxes using a paint brush dipped in glue to secure tissue paper to the tissue boxes.

3. Help the kids attach the felt to the front of the tissue boxes as claws.

4. Once dry, crumble up newspaper and stuff enough into the tissue boxes to help the child’s feet fit securely in their dinosaur shoes.

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