Clover Necklaces, Bracelets and Tiaras

My Nanny Family’s yard is full of blooming clover. So I taught my nanny kids how to make clover chains. We picked blooming clovers with long stems to make jewelry. One of my nanny kids even made up her own way to make clover chains. Be sure to watch her video instructions below.

Braid Chain

1. Begin braiding three clovers with long stems from the end with no flower and work your way toward the flower.
2. When the braid gets near the flower, tie a new stem onto each stem of the braid.
3. Continue braiding to the end of these three stems.
4. Tie a stem onto each braided stem and repeat the process until your chain is as long as you want it.

Slit Chain

1. Make a slit near the flower of a clover stem by inserting your thumbnail into the stem. Hold the stem with the tips of your fingers (thumb and forefinger) and gently squeeze the stem lengthwise to open the slit.
2. Thread the stem of another flower through the open slit.
3. Using the same method, make a slit in the new stem and thread another stem through it. Repeat the process until chain reaches the desired length.
4. Weave the ends together to complete the chain.

Knot Chain

1. Hold one flower in your hand and tie the stem of another flower around the stem of the flower you are holding.
2. Slide the knot to the base of the flower, then tighten.
3. Then, tie a knot around the stem of the flower that you tied the knot in, sliding the knot to the base of the flower on that stem and tightening.
4. Repeat the process until the chain is the desired length.
5. To close the chain, tie the stem of the first flower to the stem of the last flower.

Wrap Chain

My nanny kid made up her own way to make clover chains and this is by far the prettiest of all the clover chains we made. See the attached video in which she describes how to make her Wrap Clover Chains.

1. Start by holding two clovers in your left hand.
2. Then take the the third clover in your right hand and hold it horizontally over the first two stems, right below the flowers.
3. Take the horizontal stem and wrap it around the clover flowers and down between the two flowers in the left hand. Then hold all three stems tightly in your left hand.
4. Then, pick up another clover with the right hand and repeat the process by holding it horizontally over the flowers in the left hand. Then wrap the stem around the closest two blooms and pull stem between the blooms.
5. Once the chain is the desired length, tie it in a knot.


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