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My Mother had two babies born 11-months apart and always said hips are made for Mother’s to carry babies. She would put one baby on each hip.

Today, there are dozens of hip waistbands made to help caregivers carry babies and toddlers. I prefer the Windsleeping Baby Carrier with Hip Seat, LÍLLÉbaby, and the UUMU Carrier Backpack with Hip Seat because they allow caregivers to carry babies and toddlers in 360 degrees. Here are some of the features of my three favorite hip carriers. You can purchase the hip seat baby carriers by clicking the links in the article.

Windsleeping Baby Carrier with Hip Seat

I like the Windsleeping Baby Carrier the best because it features a large pocket so you I don’t need a separate diaper bag to help carry diapers, bottles, keys, sunscreen, and whatever I may need for a daily excursion.

6-In-1 Ways To Carry:
1. Front Facing in seat with hood
2. Facing in seat without hood
3. Back Carry
4. Facing out seat
5. Hipseat face inward
6. Hipseat face outward

51″ Maximum Adjustable Waistband:
The adjustable strap and band baby carrier is designed to fit all types of parents. It easily adjusts to fit multiple wearers from petite to larger body types (waistband adjusts 26-51″ and the straps adjust from 28 3/4″ to 46 3/4″). This way, all family members and nannies can share the joy of babywearing. The baby carrier is also adjustable to your growing baby from seven pounds to 40 pounds.

Allows You to Back Carry Babies:

The WINDSLEEPING baby carrier allows you to carry an infant or toddler in any position.

Ergonomic Hip Seat Design:
Windsleeping toddler carrier designed would not force babies’ spines or hurt them by incorrect positions. Its design can help prevent issues with muscle and bone development and abnormal leg curvatures. It provides the perfect back and lumbar support.

Breathable Natural Latex Isolation Pad:
Natural latex can inhibit bacteria and allergens effectively to produce an anti-bacteria and -mite effect. This carrier has a breathable honeycomb texture can dissipate body heat and moisture.

Large Front Pocket:
This carrier has a large capacity storage, easy to carry diapers, bottles, mobile phones and other items.

Detachable Front Air Permeable Panel For All Seasons:
It can keep baby warm in winter,To prevent the child from getting sick in winter. In the summer, remove the panel ,it makes baby dry and cool.

Baby hood for Protection and Privacy:
The Detachable baby hood is appropriate to use in cold weather which can prevent from the cold on the head and breathing the cold wind .Easy breastfeeding tuck away baby hood for sun

Ribbon Storage Buckle:
There are no hanging straps.

Hand Washable


The LILLEbaby is rated the most comfortable baby carrier and features six ergonomic carrying positions to accommodate a growing baby from Newborn to 45 pounds.

Ergonomic, Hip-Healthy Carrier:
The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has evaluated the LILLEbaby Complete as an ergonomic, hip healthy baby carrier that offers optimal support and positioning.

Lumbar Support:
Rated Most Comfortable Baby Carrier. Enjoy superior comfort thanks to the unique lumbar support and waist belt which provide amazing stability, relieve pressure, and allow baby’s weight to be evenly distributed for a more comfortable fit.

Customized Carrying:
The luxuriously padded straps create a comfortable fit for babywearers of all body types. 2-way adjusters make fitting a breeze. The option to wear straps crossed X-style or backpack H-style makes carrying endlessly customizable.

Cool Mesh Panel:
The Complete features an exclusive temperature-regulation panel that easily zips-up for warmth and zips-down to reveal cool, breathable, 3D mesh. It’s lightweight and built for daily use – be it in the brisk fall winds outside or at home for cozy indoor babywearing.

360 Degree Babywearing:
The All-in-One Complete lets you decide how you carry and what works best for your baby – wear baby on your front, facing towards you or outward; on your hip; or back, all with the assurance your baby’s hips are comfortable and well supported.

Safe, Soft and Machine Washable:
Machine washable. Made with soft fabrics and materials that are safe and free from health-hazardous substances. All parts meet or exceed international safety standards, including US and European standards ASTM F2236 and EN 13209.

UUMU Carrier Backpack with Hip Seat

Where the other hip carriers above boast they have six secure ways to carry infants and toddlers the UUMU Carrier Backpack with Hip Seat advertises it has 12 different ways to carry a baby or toddler. The hip seat is detachable. Options include riding on your chest facing forward or facing you, in the hip seat facing inward or outward , or on your back. The carrier is designed so that the young child is always seated in an optimal natural position. Suitable for babies and toddlers weighing 45 pounds or less, typically up to about 36 months.

Designed for Comfort and Security:
The straps are strong and well padded to prevent your shoulders from hurting when you carry your baby or toddler. An adjustable Velcro waist strap that puts some of the weight on your hips includes a strong buckle. A unique, built-in safety harness for the security of the baby is a feature not found on many baby carriers.

Soft, breathable, skin-friendly material; a sun shade to keep the sun and breeze off baby and to regulate the temperature; pockets suitable for carrying your phone and wallet so that it’s not necessary to carry a purse when carrying baby; neutral color so can be worn without embarrassment by a man as well as a woman.

Multiple Uses:
Can be used as a baby carrier with hip seat or you can remove the hip seat and use as just a carrier alone.

Risk free with one-year warranty with easy-to-reach customer support ready to assist you with any questions or problems.

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