8 Best Baby Nasal Aspirators


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Babies 12 months and younger breathe solely through their noses. It’s difficult for most children to blow their own noses until three-years-old. That makes nasal aspirators are a must have tool for nannies when working with infants.

Bulb Aspirators have the most simple design, are easy to use, inexpensive, but have a bad reputation for being unsanitary.

Oral Suction Aspirators are currently all the rage. They are simply powered by the caregiver’s mouth suction similar to sucking though a straw. There are filters so no mucus gets into the adult’s mouth.

Battery Operated Aspirators are hand-held and provides gentle sucking action. It’s a good option for those who want more than a bulb but who are put off by the idea of sucking on an aspirator.

Electric Aspirators are most efficient but only necessary for babies with chronic conditions.

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Here our our 8 of our favorite nasal aspirators:

img_62271. NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator

The NoseFrida is all the rage these days. I see it for sale everywhere. Nosefrida is doctor-developed and doctor-recommended nasal aspirator with a simple design. The nasal aspirator features a tube that is placed against the nostril (not inside). You use your own suction to draw mucus out of the child’s nose. I promise that no mucus ever touches your mouth. Disposable filters prevent any bacterial transfer. Nosefrida is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and BPA and Phthalate free.

img_62282. Little Martin’s Drawer Nasal Aspirator

If the idea of using your own mouth to suction a baby’s mucus grosses you out, using a battery operated aspirator is a good choice for you. This is a battery operated nasal aspirator that is waterproof so it can be cleaned thoroughly. It comes with a gentle silicone nostril tip for baby and a bigger thicker one for older children or adults. It is great to use with babies because it doesn’t hurt the nasal passage when it is used. In fact, it gives a ticklish feeling that even kids love that’s why they can easily get comfortable with it.

img_62293. BabyComfy Nasal Aspirator

Just like the Nose Frida the BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator uses your own suction to remove nasal mucus safely and hygienically. This nasal aspirator uses a lightly-wadded tissue inside the aspirator to filter mucus and germs. The manufacturer explains that tissues offer a better filter material than plastic foam rubber of other nasal aspirator brands. Tissues are more absorbent and biodegradable than other filter materials. Mucus and liquid droplets are absorbed by the tissue.

img_62304. NeilMed Naspira Nasal-Oral Aspirator

The NeilMed Naspira Nasal-Oral Aspirator has a 2-in-1 design. You can either use it as a NeilMed NasaBulb aspirator or as an effective Nasal-Oral suction device where you use suction force generated by the mouth. NeilMed Naspira Nasal-Oral Aspirator features disposable filters to protect you from contact with mucus. The one-way valve prevents a large volume of accidental air from your mouth from blowing into the baby’s nose and prevents pushing down of the mucus.

img_62315. NasaKleen Nasal Aspirator

This is one of the cheapest oral Aspirators. The NäsaKleen nasal aspirator comes with a soft silicone tip. The aspirator is free of BPA, latex and phthalates. It includes 50 hygiene filters and a convenient storage and travel case.

img_62326. Twister Bulb Baby Nasal Aspirator

The Twister by Innovo is a reasonably priced bulb-type aspirator. The Twister is clear so you can see whether you are getting results. The Twister comes apart for cleaning and can be sterilized in the dishwasher, microwave or sterilizer. It comes with a bag for storage and travel.

img_62417. OCCObaby Nasal Aspirator

This is a battery operated aspirator. Although it is not cheap, the OCCObaby Baby Nasal Aspirator lasts long, and it gets the job done in seconds. It is so quiet that the baby will hardly notice, except for when you insert the tip. It has three different tips for different purposes. It is waterproof, making it easy to clean.

img_62378. Nosiboo Pro Nasal Aspirator

The Nosiboo is an electric medical device that complies with FDA requirements and is suitable for home use. It is powered electrically Although most children will never need a machine that provides this much suction, this kind of machine could be a lifesaver for those who do. The patented BPA-free plastic head and silicon nose tip the device does not irritate the nasal mucous membrane.

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